Protect Your Pet on World Rabies Day

Rabies prevention isn’t just the law, it saves lives!

Rabies infection in domesticated pets nearly always fatal, this makes rabies vaccines for pets crucial. Do you know how to protect your pets and family members from rabies?

Here are the “Do’s and Do-Not’s” of Rabies brought to you by Animal Emergency & Specialty Center!

The Do’s and Do-Not’s of Rabies
  1. DO keep your pet’s rabies vaccinations current.
  2. DO NOT feed or water pets outdoors – it may attract wild animals.
  3. DO expect your pet to be quarantined if he or she is bitten by a pet who is not current on the rabies vaccine.
  4. DO NOT let your pet’s rabies vaccine lapse. If your pet is out of date on his or her vaccine and bites another pet, your pet may be quarantined…or euthanized.
  5. DO realize animals with rabies easily transmit rabies to humans with a bite or saliva. Wear gloves when cleaning an animal bite. Clean the bite with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.
  6. DO NOT leave your garbage cans uncovered. Trash is appetizing to skunks, raccoons, and other potentially rabid critters.
  7. DO keep cats in mind when considering rabies prevention. The CDC reported 28% more cases of rabid cats than dogs between 2011 and 2015.

Now that you’ve read through our refresher on what you need to know about rabies for rabies prevention day, it’s time to make sure your pet’s vaccine is within compliance.

Worried your pet may have been exposed to rabies? Call us today or stop by our 24/7 animal emergency room