The Rabies Safety Refresher

Rabies is almost certainly fatal, and entirely preventable.

At Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville, rabies is never out of mind. It may be easy to take rabies control for granted. However, rabies is very much alive and a threat to your pet and community.

September 28 is World Rabies Day, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Knoxville would like to remind you that rabies prevention is crucial to your pet’s health–and to your family’s.

Why Rabies Prevention Is So Important
  • Rabies vaccines save lives. Vaccines are the only way to truly protect your pet from rabies. Keep your pet’s rabies vaccine current to prevent rabies if your pet is exposed.
  • Pets without a rabies vaccine may be quarantined… or worse. If your pet is unvaccinated and bites a person or pet, your pet will be faced with a mandatory quarantine period. If your pet exhibits any behaviors associated with rabies, your pet may be euthanized. Do not risk your pet’s health or life, keep them vaccinated!
  • Rabies kills rapidly. Rabies is spread from bites or the exchange of bodily fluids. Infected animals spread rabies to other animals or to humans. If you are bitten, wash the bite thoroughly with soap and water, cover the wound, and seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep your pets away from stray or wild animals who could potentially carry rabies. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions regarding your pet’s rabies vaccine schedule.

Help us stop rabies. Protect your pet, protect your family.

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