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We provide hope for pets with cancer

If your pet has a cancer diagnosis, don't give up. Our specialty hospital has a robust oncology department to treat your companion and extend their life. With a variety of treatment options, we'll create a customized plan of action to get your pet back on the road to health.


Veterinary oncology has come a long way over the years. Pet owners are often surprised to find out that cancer treatments for humans are generally now available for pets too. Combined with a proactive approach to your pet's health, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga's oncology department can often find early detections of cancer in pets and quickly administer a treatment plan. We know that your pet is your family, and it's our hospital's goal to prolong your cat or dog's life for as long as possible.

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Oncology care information for pet owners

As a specialty and referral hospital, we believe that collaboration is key for effective veterinary care. Working hand in hand with you and your family veterinarian, our oncology team will create a custom treatment plan to suit your pet's specific needs and type of cancer. The oncology department at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga has comprehensive expertise of veterinary oncology, including which pet breeds are predisposed to certain cancers, which helps us establish a proactive detection and, if necessary, treatment plan for your pet.


When a patient comes to our hospital, we begin by conducting a case review to ensure we have a full picture of your pet's health. Once we thoroughly understand all considerations, our oncology team will communicate a recommended plan of action. Throughout treatment, we do our very best to ensure your pet's comfort and will be a support system for you and your family.


Veterinary oncology treatment services in Chattanooga, TN

Similar to a cancer diagnosis in humans, a pet's cancer treatment is completely customized for the particular cancer diagnosis. At Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga, we offer a wide array of treatment options that are personalized to your cat or dog, including:

  • Chemotherapy. Administered orally, intravenously, subcutaneously, or intramuscularly, chemotherapy is a specific treatment that attempts to destroy cancer cells in cats or dogs
  • Immunotherapy: A treatment, generally injected, that aims to bolster your pet's immune system and fight cancer
  • Brachytherapy: Also known as internal radiation, brachytherapy is a type of treatment that places radioactive material near the cancer source inside of the pet's body with the goal of shrinking and/or killing cancer cells

Our oncologists, Dr. Miller and Dr. Phillips, are also trained to provide radiation consultations if the above treatment plans aren't fitting for your pet's particular type of cancer. Our team would help refer you and your pet to a specific radiation facility and provide clarity to you every step of the way.

Establishing a pet cancer treatment

If a pet is diagnosed with cancer, you have options. As soon as the diagnosis is made, we'd recommend an initial consultation with the oncology department at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga. During this consultation, we'd get a further understanding for your pet's health (including age, lifestyle, and the cancer diagnosis) and potential request further diagnostics tests, such as thoracic radiographs, abdominal ultrasound, or CT scans.


Once all necessary diagnostics have been obtained, our capable oncology team would create a plan tailored specifically to your pet based on the disease and your family's goals. We might explore a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy in a way that's truly customized to each patient.


Throughout each treatment stage, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga will keep a watchful eye over your pet. Blood work is done prior to every chemotherapy treatment to ensure a detailed comprehension of your pet's immediate health, and, depending on the type of cancer, we'll often get radiograph imaging every 2 to 3 months to monitor the cancer and evaluate the treatment's effectiveness.

Veterinary oncology treatment services in Chattanooga, TN

At Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga, we take pride in communicating with compassion and transparency. If you have an oncology consultation with our team, we survey all available options for your pet. There is no obligation to proceed with our recommended cancer treatment. We make it our mission to present comprehensive options for your family to choose from, which can range from gold standard therapy to palliative care, hospice, and alternative treatments. We also offer end-of-life counseling if this is the right choice for your family.


No matter your decision, we're there for you and your pet⁠—every step of the way.


Your pet is in good hands

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can be scary. Our team strives to minimize side effects so our patients experience the highest quality of life possible during therapy. While the treatment options available for pets do mimic those used in human medicine, it's important to know that our oncology team alters the treatments to manage side effects and cost-effectiveness.

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I had to bring my dog, LuLu, in tonight due to her getting hit by a car. The staff and vets were great with her and my emotional self. Thank y'all so much. LuLu is going to be great.

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