AESC’s Oncology Department’s New Lymphoma Treatment Receives Local Media Attention

Knoxville News Sentinel spotlights cases of canine lymphoma treated with Tanovea at AESC.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s new treatment option for canine lymphoma, the chemotherapy drug Tanovea, is gaining awareness around the Knoxville area. The Knoxville News Sentinel recently posted this article following the stories of two patients treated with Tanovea at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center.

In the article, Dr. Phillips explained to the Knoxville News Sentinel that, prior to Tanovea’s availability for canine lymphoma treatment, earlier this year, no second line of defense against lymphoma existed. Until Tanovea if a prior course of chemotherapy was unsuccessful, some patients were simply out of options. Tanovea provides dogs suffering from lymphoma with a new hope for remission after other treatment options have been exhausted.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reporter’s account follows a patient through a Tanovea infusion. The reporter interviews the lymphoma patients’ families who expressed their relief in finding an option to allow them more time with their pet while minimizing their pets’ suffering.

“If your dog is diagnosed with cancer, don’t give up. Don’t put your dog down. There are treatments available. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t; but it’s not the end of the road.” – Specialty Director and Head of Oncology at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center, Dr. Jeff Phillips.

If your dog has been diagnosed with canine lymphoma, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is the only canine oncology center in the region offering the new Tanovea chemotherapy drug.

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