Volunteering at Dogs on Deployment

On top of busy work schedules, school, and family time, employees of Animal Emergency & Specialty Center find the time to give back to the community with the company-supported BRIDGE program. Recently, six of our employees — Ashley Shively, Renae Danielle, Kaitlyn Hess, Jennifer Hill-Hoskins, Shannon Lovejoy, and Katie Brown — volunteered their time at Dogs on Deployment, a non-profit group that provides foster homes for military pets while their owners are away on service commitments.

It was here recently in the Farragut area, the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center found their employees volunteering their off time for a memorable moment for one airmen. A special reunion was held between a returning US Major Pilot after serving for his country and his two beloved cattle dogs that remained state side. You could find the shining example of technicians volunteering working hard in preparation days before the event. From pampering and bathing the dogs, all the way to the tearful in-person reunion between this beloved family. These volunteers were all in from the beginning.

Post reunion activities continued through the night with a fundraiser benefiting the non profit Dogs on Deployment organization. The volunteers remained poised and enthused until the clock struck midnight, concluding the event for all who lucky enough to watch first hand the reunion. “It is because of these tireless volunteers that Dogs on Deployment is able to grow and we are able to continue to spread the word about our great cause” says Katie Brown, Chapter Coordinator for the Knoxville Dogs on Deployment. “It is only with the public support and backing that we can continue to do what we do for our service men and woman” Katie goes on to explain and touches upon on how thankful she is for her volunteers.” Katie is also employed at Animal Emergency Center, and takes great pride in knowing how genuine her co-workers are to give up there spare time to contribute to this organization.

The night ended in great success for all, knowing an airmen and his dogs were happily reunited and these great group of technicians had once again made a difference in an animal’s life. With people such as these selfless volunteers, we are so proud here at Animal Emergency and Specialty Center to highlight such commendably acts of kindness. We thank you Ashley Shively, Renae Danielle, Kaitlyn Hess, Jennifer Hill-Hoskins, Shannon Lovejoy, and Katie Brown for your wonderful dedication and we support your volunteer efforts.