June 2016 Update

Innovetive Petcare

Innovetive Petcare is an experienced, forward-thinking group that owns and operates veterinary hospitals across the United States. Innovetive Petcare is committed to:

  • High-quality veterinary care directed by the hospital’s medical director
  • Building and maintaining a superior veterinary hospital that meets and exceeds standards of care
  • Being a good member of the community
  • Supporting the community through volunteerism and charity
  • Hiring to meet the medical and support needs of referring veterinarians

Our mission is to develop Animal Emergency & Specialty Center to be THE premier referral veterinary hospital in Eastern Tennessee.

As part of our investment to achieve this goal, Innovetive Petcare has expanded the hospital for additional exam rooms, parking, lobby space, and an additional surgical suite. We have expanded AESC’s technical capabilities and cloud-based diagnostic imaging.

Veterinary Team Development

Innovetive Petcare is recruiting additional specialists to better meet the demands of the veterinarians in our community, notably an internist and a second veterinary surgeon and oncologist to offer greater coverage. We are also recruiting a board-certified criticalist and dentist.

Additional emergency veterinarians are being hired to ensure better, faster service for your clients. We feel that developing our team is critical  to providing you the support you need, a team that:

  • Provides efficient, friendly, compassionate service to your clients
  • Provides exceptional medical care
  • Is highly educated
  • Understands the importance of maintaining your bond with your clients
  • Communicates effectively with you

To that end, Innovetive Petcare is hiring and training with an eye toward consistently meeting those goals.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center CE

We are committed to hosting six CE events a year, four for veterinarians and two for veterinary technicians. Perhaps your technicians were able to attend our recent RACE-approved veterinary anesthesiology CE event for technicians with Dr. Lukasik.

Dr. Sarah Duncan welcomes you to attend our clinic journal clubs and rounds for more informal learning experiences. Contact her at the hospital for more information. We’re also interested in getting our specialists out of the hospital to do some casual CE events with you.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Veterinarians

We are fortunate to have an existing exceptional team of specialists and emergency doctors to meet your needs. Innovetive Petcare is actively seeking additional specialists to provide additional services and expand our schedule.

  • Dr. Jeff Phillips, Board-Certified Oncologist. Dr. Phillips is the most experienced oncologist in the region. He is nationally renowned for his research and teaching and currently conducts clinical trials to expand our knowledge of and response to common cancers. You’ll find no better or more responsive and caring oncologist than Dr. Phillips.
  • Dr. Trent Tuttle, Board-Certified Surgeon. Dr. Tuttle is an exceptional surgeon, committed to training and education. He performs soft tissue surgery, oncologic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and some neurosurgery. With Dr. Tuttle’s skill and our advanced equipment, the choice of referral is easy.
  • Dr. Katherine Baine, Board-Certified Avian and Exotic Animal Specialist. Often requested for news appearances, Dr. Baine treats almost any small animal that is not a dog or cat. She is always available to our emergency department to ensure they properly handle cases overnight and on weekends. Don’t hesitate to refer.
  • Dr. Brian Rutherford, Chief Medical Officer, Head of Critical Care & Internal Medicine Service. Dr. Rutherford is the go-to guy in Eastern Tennessee for specialized diagnostics including ultrasound and endoscopy. Always thinking to stay one step ahead of where a medical case is going, Dr. Rutherford is your best bet for internal medicine and critical care cases. AESC is open to take critical care cases any day, any time.
  • Dr. Keith Hnilica, Board-Certified Dermatologist. A published author and experienced dermatologist, Dr. Hnilica is your best resource for a troublesome dermatology case or extensive workup.
  • Dr. Bob Paddleford, Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and Criticalist. Nationally recognized, Dr. Paddleford is available for consults and assistance with intensive anesthesia cases.
Our Emergency Department

AESC accepts emergency cases 24/7. We are never closed.

Our emergency department of highly-skilled emergency clinicians has the full capabilities of our specialists and our state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal. Whether your patient needs critical care, endoscopic removal of a gastric foreign body, a CT, or a consultation with a specialist, we can meet that need.

We are expanding our veterinary emergency team to better serve you and your clients and reduce wait times.

What’s Ahead?

The Innovetive Petcare Team is always working to make Animal Emergency & Specialty Center your best option for referrals. We welcome your input so that we can best understand your needs and work to make sure we have all the support services you need in place. We’re committed to providing the best care 24 hours a day for your patients.