Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Receives Grace Humanitarian Award

Chaos doesn’t punch a clock. Pets have medical emergencies at any hour, any day of the week. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center of Chattanooga is dedicated to helping animals in their darkest hours whether the animal is a beloved family pet, or the abandoned or abused animals of McKamey Animal Center.

McKamey Animal Center provides shelter, a spay or neuter program, and advocacy for homeless, neglected, or abused animals in the greater Chattanooga area. When the furry residents of McKamey Animal Center need medical services, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center is there to help!

On March 16, McKamey Animal Center hosted their third annual Humanitarian Awards banquet and fundraiser. Animal Emergency & Specialty Center was recognized with the Grace Humanitarian Award for exceptional veterinary care and emergency services. “Animal Emergency & Specialty Center’s dedication to providing premier veterinary care for injured and ill animals has been a positive asset to our community,” McKamey Animal Center proclaimed.

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center manager Dr. Nikki Branam says, “We are very honored to receive the Grace Award. This has brought a great sense of pride to and reward to our entire team. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work in partnership with this great organization by providing services to abandoned animals in our community.“