Dr. Fanta Teaches the Community Life-Saving Skills

Dr. DeAnne Fanta at AESCFor Dr. DeAnne Fanta, her life as a veterinarian extends beyond her regular shift at Chattanooga’s Animal Emergency & Specialty Center. Dr. Fanta recognized a need within the community and rose to the challenge to educate local grooming, boarding, and shelter facilities in basic first aid and animal CPR. She recently added advanced CPR training and crash-cart procedures for primary care veterinary practices.

“I enjoy helping veterinarians treat their patients and educating the public on how to be prepared for crisis situations. We are fortunate to have extensive resources for treating animals at our hospital and are here to serve the community veterinarians and public. Essentially it goes back to our service philosophy at Animal Emergency & Specialty Center,” Fanta says. “It is helpful to know the basics of CPR and how to recognize an animal in distress because the earlier you intervene, the better chance of recovery there is.”

Early intervention does indeed save lives. Dr. Fanta says she is eager to teach classes in the future. As long as there is a community need, she will be happy to oblige.