Cardiac Workups

Dr. DeAnne Fanta at AESCAnimal Emergency & Specialty Center is pleased to offer complete cardiac workups at a reasonable price. When a pet has symptoms of heart disease or when a heart murmur is detected, a full assessment is necessary to see if the problem is one to monitor or one to treat. Treatment plans are based on the findings of the assessment.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We see a patient referred by his or her regular veterinarian.
  2. Medical Director Dr. DeAnne Fanta performs a complete echocardiogram.
  3. We obtain a diagnostic ECG.
  4. We obtain your pet’s blood pressure.
  5. We obtain three-view chest radiographs (unless your regular veterinarian provides them).
  6. The assessment is sent to a board-certified cardiologist to confirm the findings.
  7. Your pet receives ongoing treatment from your regular veterinarian based on the assessment and treatment recommendations.

If your pet has, or may have, heart disease, call your veterinarian to discuss a referral for a complete cardiac workup at a reasonable price.